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Back To School Vision Checklist For Scarborough, ME

Why Your Kids Need An Exam In Scarborough, ME

It’s the middle of August and you are most likely working through a long back to school list to get your kids ready for the fall. Clothing, new shoes, school supplies, a haircut and a physical exam so they are cleared for sports all make the list. But did you know that 1 in 4 kids has some type of vision issue that affects their ability to learn?  So is an eye exam on your list?  At the risk of making you feel guilty you are making a mistake if you skip it.  Let's take a closer look at the facts so you understand why this is so important for your kids.

Kids and vision development

As our eye doctor in Scarborough, ME can explain, vision develops with the brain much like other body functions. The brain learns how to use the eyes to see the same way it learns to use legs to walk or the mouth to form words. A vision problem that goes undiagnosed and untreated will cause the brain to compensate for or work around the vision problem.  This is the primary reason we believe it's so important for your kids to have a comprehensive eye examination. Early detection and treatment will make learning easier and more enjoyable for your student for the long term.

Researchers believe that nearly 80% of the learning your kids do is through their eyes.  Students perform visual tasks every day including reading, writing, chalkboard work and using computers. Sports performance can also be impacted by poor or uncorrected vision.

Vision skills and effective learning

The experts at the American Optometric Association have identified a full list of vision skills that are necessary for effective learning.  We've highlighted our top two:

  • Eye Focusing — the ability to quickly and accurately maintain clear vision as the distance from objects change, such as when looking from the chalkboard to a paper on the desk and back. Eye focusing allows the child to easily maintain clear vision over time like when reading a book or writing a report.
  • Visual perception - the ability to organize images on a printed page into letters, works and ideas and to understand and remember what is read.

Schedule Your Child’s Back-To-School Eye Exam In Scarborough, ME Today

Frequent headaches, fatigue, eyestrain, redness, and rubbing the eyes are all signs to look for in your student. We recommend that your kids have eye exams every two years or more if an issue is diagnosed and treatment is needed. Yes, it’s the middle of August and back to school season, but it’s not too late. Contact us today and give yourself some peace of mind. Your kids will thank you, too.