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Advanced Technology

Sanet Vision Integrator

Sanet Vision Integrator

Unique features and benefits of the SVI are:

    • Saccadic Trainer Function - Useful in therapy for all patients to enhance eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, central-peripheral integration.
    • Tactile Feedback- Uses the hand rather than a keyboard or laser pointer so the patient gets “real life” tactile and proprioceptive feedback
    • Hand Speed Function - Used in the Sports Vision Evaluation of Olympic athletes. Useful in therapy for Sports Vision both to measure and increase visual reaction time and hand speed‘
    • Visual Search” Saccadic Function - Unlike saccadic procedures like the Hart Chart, the SVI Saccade 2 Function simulates real life where the majority of saccades are not to an anticipated fixed point in space, but rather to “unexpected” events in the environment.
    • Metronome Function- Helps all patients to enhance rhythm and timing and visual-auditory integration
    • Tachistoscope Functions - Helps to increase speed of both visual and auditory information processing and memory.

Computer Therapy System/Computer Orthoptics

Computer Therapy System-Computer OrthopticsHTS has created an amblyopia hand-eye coordination program which uses principles of operant conditioning and behavior modification to appropriately alter stimuli characteristics to improve visual acuity. Patients begin therapy with targets that are easily seen and become progressively smaller as therapy progresses. Correct responses are reinforced with subsequent reduction in the size of the stimuli. Therapy is directed to improve resolving ability with concomitant use of hand-eye coordination tasks. Therapy can be preformed monocularly or monocularly in a binocular field.

Kowa Nonmyd 7 Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera

Kowa Nonmyd 7 Non-mydriatic Retinal CameraThe Nonmyd 7 is a high quality, simple to use digital retinal camera built with traditional Kowa reliability. Capture high levels of clinical detail with the sharp and clear images of the latest Nikon® digital camera. A choice of optical magnifications offers the standard 45° view or a 20° view for enhanced detail. A choice of fixation modes offers three standard positions while the optional external fixation target allows the user to choose the position on the retina. The industry standard USB interface connects to a desktop or laptop PC and the included Portable VK-2 digital imaging software lets you store, view, and compare your images with ease.

KR-8900 Auto Refractor

Autorefractor-1The All-New Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8900 is loaded with new features with proven consistent and accurate results. The new KR-8900 represents Topcon's latest generation of automated refraction technology. The KR-8900 maintains Topcon's core accuracy by utilizing our standard rotary prism technology, while adding on new features, such as a drop and close feature on the printer and an enhanced overall design for better patient interaction.

Key Features

      • Rotary Prism measurement for enhanced accuracy
      • Refractive and keratometric measurements through pupils as small as 2mm
      • New compact, stylish design saves space and enhances patient interaction
      • Easy-to-read color LCD display
      • Auto fire mode for fast, reliable data collection
      • Seamless connection to other Topcon instruments

Reichert® 7 Auto Tonometer

Reichert 7 Auto TonometerReichert 7, Reichert Technologies' seventh generation non-contact tonometer, is the most user-friendly NCT ever.  Features include:

      • Multiple-measurement mode
      • Totally automated operation results in error-free measurements and high patient throughput.
      • Measurement speed and simplicity without sacrificing accuracy.


Oculus Easyfield Visual Field

Oculus Easyfield Visual FieldThe OCULUS Easyfield® is a full-fledged compact perimeter capable of performing standard automated perimetry of the central visual field up to 30° eccentricity. It has been designed for the combined use as visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available only in large units. The spherical bowl with 30 cm (11.81”) radius is enclosed into an ergonomically movable cone equipped with a distance adapted lens. The Easyfield® conforms to the Goldmann standard and fulfills the ISO-12866 norm for perimeters.

Measurements of the Easyfield® are carried out using an LED grid with 135 fixed test locations, including the common 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 patterns. The novel SPARK test strategy leads to faster and more stable threshold tests providing improved diagnostic capabilities. Besides the standard field indices the Easyfield® delivers evaluations of the innovative Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP) and the classifications provided by the Glaucoma Staging System (GSS 2).


  • Fast: Shorter examination times even for threshold tests
  • Compact: No completely dark room required thanks to the closed construction
  • Lightweight: Minimal footprint and maximal transportability
  • Robust: Easy to service in the absence of moving parts
  • More than screening: Supra-threshold and threshold tests
  • Comprehensive perimetry: Advanced test strategies, unique evaluation tools, efficient progression analysis.