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Home » Private: What Is A Concussion? » A Compassionate Visionary:
Regaining Vision After A Concussion

A Compassionate Visionary:
Regaining Vision After A Concussion

Eye Doctor, Concussion Vision therapy, scarborough, MEDr. Nathan Corbell remembers the straight-A student who used to read 500-page books in one sitting. She was in the midst of applying to colleges, and suddenly found herself unable to read for more than five minutes at a time.

Turns out, her vision had been severely impacted by two concussions, from head-to-head contact injuries in soccer. Contact sports are, in fact, the most common cause of concussions in children.

“She had been to her doctor, but she hadn’t had her eyes checked,” says Dr. Corbell, who performed a thorough round of testing to determine how her brain was processing information from her eyes. It’s an area of expertise called Neuro Optometry, and it’s a lifeline for patients who are suffering from post-traumatic vision syndrome due to a concussion.

As one of only two Neuro Optometrists in the state, Dr. Corbell is a uniquely-qualified specialist with high-level training in brain-related vision problems. He runs the Concussion Center at his Seacoast Vision Care office in Scarborough, and he is available for interviews on the subject of concussions, which are the most common type of traumatic brain injury.

In the case of this straight-A soccer star who found herself struggling to read, Dr. Corbell performed a comprehensive eye exam and then prescribed a course of treatment that included reading glasses with a special tint to help her focus and to decrease her sensitivity to light. The results were instantaneous!

“It was very rewarding and affirming, to see her get back to her life,” says Dr. Corbell.

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