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Concussion And Your Vision

The visual and visual perceptual effects of a mild traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, have been well known for quite some time.

Pre-season athletic testing gives the patient a baseline and is very import to seek immediate care for any suspected brain injury. If you have or a loved one has noticed a change in vision, balance, academic success, or overall comfort should have a neuro-optometric assessment with an optometrist who has received advanced training in neuro-optometry and binocular vision.

Dr. Nathan Corbell is one of Maine’s few Optometrists who has received training in neuro-optometry. Dr. Corbell is a member of the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association

During a Neuro Optometric Assessment, he evaluates the following areas of your visual system:

  • Visual acuity (clarity of vision)
  • Refractive error (presciption)
  • Visual field (the extent of your peripheral/side vision)
  • Fusion (the brain’s ability to simultaneously perceive information from each eye at the same time)
  • Eye movements
  • Accommodation (eye focusing)
  • Vergence (eye teaming)
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Visual processing speed
  • Visual integration
  • Working memory


concussion6Many of the visual conditions that result from a concussion can be successfully managed by a doctor with both knowledge and experience in the areas of neurooptometry, binocular vision, and concussion therapy.

Following a Neuro Optometric Assessment, our trained neuro-optometrist will determine if glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy or a combination of treatments is best to address your visual conditions.

The good news is that some of the most common visual effects of mild traumatic brain injury (accommodative insufficiency, convergence insufficiency, and ocular motor dysfunction) are all conditions that respond to therapy.

Call our Concussion Center at 207-396-6603 or make an appointment today and see how Dr. Corbell may help you.

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